Monday, 11 July 2011

Welcome to Dullsville. Population: Me

I'm sat writing this in my pjs. At 12.30pm. That pretty much sums up my last few days. Moping about my house, feeling sorry for myself. Yeah, that's me. A big ball of woe.

Nothing of discernible interest has happened. On Saturday, I had a child free day. I spent it alone. Again. I went to put some cheques in the bank and I had to get the bus. I'm not even lying, the entire bus was full of old people. There was nobody under the age of 70 on there. All in their giant overcoats. Even though it was scorching hot. On the way back, the bus driver was a bit fit, even though he was at least 40 so I spent the 20 minute journey home telling myself to pull myself together. When I got back, I decided, hey, a walk would be nice. So I took my notebook down to the marshes and sat down. Wrote a very scribbled storyboard for a new story even though I'm not even a quarter of the way through my current one yet. Then I decided that my bum was numb enough and I needed to walk it off. For two hours infact. I walked and walked. Eventually got home with my feet still intact.

Sunday, I had a child free afternoon as Grace went out with my auntie and uncle. Again, I spent it alone. I started to write a piece to put on here about 9/11 but it got a bit heavy so I started a marathon of Harry Potter movies. I managed to watch three through the whole day. But much to my dismay, my dreams last night were not filled with magic and Hogwarts. Just a very odd dream about my disgust at having gone to someone's house, opened the fridge and found only "light" drinks instead of full sugar ones. That is the the general summary of my life at the minute. Even my dreams are dull.

On a lighter note, I should be going to see the X Factor auditions in Liverpool on Wednesday with my sister. Even though I don't like any of the new judges. But I know Dermot O'Leary will be there aka my future husband. And on Friday, I have a ticket to see the new Harry Potter film (hence my marathon this week) and I am SO excited, for a 22 year that's kind of sad. But I'm not ashamed to tell the world of my love for HP. I am hoping to go equipped with wand and lightning scar.

Today I will mostly be sitting about, whining about stuff and feeling fed up. The sun is shining and I have barely moved from my bed, except to spray some ants in my living room and watching them die. I am a sadist as well as a totally bitter, cynical, mardy old cow who's fists clench up when I read about how "in love" people are and how their lives are like a "fairytale." Do me a favour and shut up. God, I'm a horrible person. Not that I care. Life is too short to be nice to people. That is my philosophy of the day.

Anyway. I'll shut up moaning now. Life could be worse I suppose. Mind you, it could be better once in a while too....

One day, this will be me...

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