Sunday, 17 July 2011

Harry Potter and The Week in Summary

Wow, I really have neglected my blog this week, sorry folks! I've been fairly busy and not really had a chance to sit and write any articles. Let's see, what have I been up to...?

Well on Monday I ended up going out with my friend to get something to eat. Grace came across a grab machine full of toys in the pub and would not let go of it, she kept running off to look at it with sad eyes in the hope I would give in and play it but I told her that I wouldn't win anyway because those things are totally rigged. Needless to say, she wasn't happy with that and she began playing up. So I then told her that the toys in the machine weren't actually toys, they were naughty children that had been stuffed. She soon settled down. Then we went off to get ice cream and then back home.

On Tuesday, I was getting super excited for the X Factor auditions. I took Grace to playschool in the morning and they handed me a letter. I read it when I got home. They were having a presentation for the end of the year the next morning. Thought nothing of it. Until I realised it clashed with the auditions. My life was shattered. The next day I went to the presentation, which was cute. Although there were far too many children there for my liking. I got home to see a lot of photos all over my Facebook of people who were at the auditions and I died a little inside. Dermot will never know of my love for him now.

Thursday was pretty much the same, took Grace to school, picked her up. We went to the park and then up to the outlet village where she tried to pose as a mannequin in a shop window. We had McDonalds and merrily made our way home.

Friday was a little more busy. We got the bus to Birkenhead to go swimming. Got to the pool and they were too full. So we got the train elsewhere. Got in the pool eventually, which just happened to have the most gorgeous lifeguard ever. I had to keep telling myself to stop staring at his legs. They were good legs. Anyway, yes, we got out, had some lunch, missed the bus and ended up doing a round-the-world trip home. Then the highlight of my week... I went to go and see Harry Potter. I have literally never been so excited about going to see a film ever. It definitely didn't disappoint. It was AMAZING. I almost cried at a few bits. Especially Snape dying. When I read that in the books I almost cried, he was my favourite character, but to see it happening before my very eyes (and not to mention I have a serious crush on Alan Rickman who plays him in the films, even though he is 65) was very unnerving and I fought back a few tears. I have to go and see it again, at least 3 times. I refuse to believe that my childhood is now over and there is no more Harry Potter to look forward to.

Yesterday I went over to the Next sale. It's brutal in there. Seriously. You could drop down dead and women would step over you or kick you out of the way. I did manage to make it out alive. Went to a family gathering last night at my Uncle's house for his birthday. Ate a lot of food, which is actually one of my favourite things to do. Then my child decided it would be nice to wake me up and have me out of bed four times at 1.30 in the morning. I was having an awesome dream as well. Not that I will write it down here. Ahem.

So today it is pouring down and I intend to do sod all for the most part. I suppose I should do the housework at some point. But it can wait. I may get my Deathly Hallows book and start reading it again, just to rekindle the magic that is slowly dying after HP has come to an end *dramatic sigh*

Anyway, that was fairly brief and uninteresting. I may write up another article later if I am not being consumed by the words of JK Rowling.


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