Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pensioners, Vampires and toddlers, Oh my!

It's been a busy few days. Which makes a change. Although Monday wasn't particularly busy, The weather fooled me again. I took Grace up to the shop at about 10am and the sun was out, the sky was blue and it was lovely and warm. I had my shorts and shades on again and it was about 25 degrees. Practically tropical. We got back about half an hour later and we were about to go out into the garden when the sun vanished and all the grey clouds appeared. It was freezing and I was sat outside wrapped in a towel until I called it a day and went back into the house.

On a more important note, True Blood has just started a new season. If you don't watch it, what is wrong with you?! It's basically just vampire porn with a lot of violence thrown in. Love it. And it has Alexander Skarsgard in it who is sexy as hell. It only started in the US though so I watched in online. God, I've missed it.

This pretty much sums it up. Feel free to drool

Anyway, enough about sexy, naked vampires. Yesterday I took myself off to Liverpool while Grace was in school. Thankfully the bus driver was a woman so I wasn't fearing being killed. The bus was full of old people who smelt funny and were wearing those big padded coats. One sat in front of me and wafted the old person smell all over me. I think I can still smell it on me today. I jest, of course. Not all old people smell. Only most of them.

So I trawled about town looking for a birthday present for my darling daughter. Eventually I decided on Elefun. Some game with an elephant who shoots butterflies out of its trunk and you have to try and catch them with a net. Sounds thrilling I know. On my way to Subway, desperate to order a footlong before my bus turned up, I walked past one of those creepy statue people. They're all over Liverpool, guys dressed all in on colour, standing on a box being really still. Like, well, a statue. And to be fair, some of them are ok, if not extremely scary looking. But this one was hilariously bad. He was wearing a white sheet and a white mask so he looked the part. However he was stood on his box, texting on his phone. Unless there are new texting statues I've not heard about then he was doing a pretty bad job. Worse still, a woman walked past with her kid and he stopped texting to stand still, phone still in hand. I had to laugh.

I finally made it home, with my footlong that I hadn't had time to eat (but scoffed upstairs once I got in so Grace couldn't steal it off me) then I remembered that she was doing a sponsored walk the next day and I hadn't got any sponsors for her. We went to my grandma's and she insisted on playing outside (Grace, not my grandma) then we went to my auntie's where she tortured the dog, sat in the flowerbeds, moved plant pots and drew on the patio with coloured pencils. I could have stopped her but I'd kind of lost the will to live at that point. We stayed for dinner then came home and I watched yet more True Blood (drool) and the last episode of Cougar Town. I hate it when that happens. They only air a programme once a year. I'm not patient enough for that.

Today I was roped in to doing the sponsored walk with the rest of Grace's playschool. Surrounded by kids all day. My worst nightmare. But we walked it anyway, all the way to the park.While all the other kids played together on the slide and the roundabout, Grace ran to the other side of the park to the grass which she said was a beach. She then dragged one of her poor teachers Sarah, who she is obssessed with, to the beach. Infact, she dragged her everywhere. The slide, the see-saw, even made her push her on the swings. Anytime I sat down all I heard was a screech of "Saaaaarahhh!" After a couple of hours in the park, I decided it was time to go so we walked to Sainsbury's to pick up a few bits. Came out and of course, it was raining. Bearing in mind that we were 20 minutes away from our house and Grace walks so slow that it takes double the time to get home. And the bags of shopping were heavier than I anticipated. So, getting drenched, my hands almost falling off and Grace whining repeatedly "I want a carry" I managed to make it halfway home, to my grandma's. We stopped in so Grace could show off her medal that she got for doing her walk and thankfully she gave us a lift the rest of the way home. Just as the sun came out. Typical.

Here's my little monkey with her medal :)

So that was my last few days, in summary and pretty much all for now :)

Ciao x

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