Thursday, 23 June 2011

Could it be magic?

So I am currently recovering. I have been waiting for around a week to find out about the mystery that is Pottermore. For those who are unfamiliar with Harry Potter (aka those who live under a rock) J.K Rowling has launched a website called Pottermore. For days, it remained a mystery, only revealing a countdown to the day it would be announced what the whole thing was about. I am literally the most impatient person in the world. So today, I dragged Grace home from playschool and went straight online. Rowling had put up a video, explaining what it was. That readers could access an online world of Harry Potter, purchase eBooks and read material that she had never before written about. The website itself, however, would not be running until October. October? I basically just had to wait to be told I now have to wait again.

I have grown up with Harry Potter. I loved all of the books. Not so keen on the films but I watch them anyway. Next month is the very last movie to be released and I fully intend to go to the cinema equipped with a wand and possibly a "Sorting hat" to watch it. But it wasn't just my love of Harry Potter as a child that made me follow the books. But also because for a long time, Rowling herself has been a huge inspiration to me, as a writer. I have always wanted to write, as most of you know, and although I blog and write articles and I'm studying journalism, story writing has always been my real passion. My dream would be to be the next J.K Rowling. Of course, I know that's not possible. I have quite a good imagination but I don't think mine quite extends hers, I certainly couldn't follow a series of books like hers, especially the sheer size and complexity of the story. But she does kind of give me some hope. She was a single mother, living on not a lot of money, who had an idea for a story which she decided to tell and in turn she has become one of, if not the most, famous authors in the world. If I could get even a fraction of that, I think I would be the happiest person ever. It keeps my faith alive though, that just because I'm a single parent and I don't have an awful lot of money, that I can't still push to make my dreams a reality.

For anyone that wants to take a look at the video and the website you can find it here

Aside from Potter mania, the last couple of days have been fairly dull. As usual. In more ways than one. I spent most of yesterday in my pyjamas. I say most, I mean all. Researching for the story that I'm currently writing. Getting nowhere. That's what I get for taking on such a big challenge though. I couldn't have just written a simple story about a magical horse or something. Mind you, most of my stories are fairly dark or emotive. I don't work in children's stories really, because most children would find my writing disturbing. Not that some children's stories aren't disturbing (have you ever read Hansel and Gretel?) Anyway, as I say, spent most/all day in my pjs, then realised I had no food in. So, classy as anything, I thought I'd go to the chippy. In my pjs. Luckily they weren't actual pyjamas. No skimpy babydoll or ones printed with monkeys. Grace decided to put on a performance in the middle of the shop which I think made the guys behind the counter feel a little uneasy. But at least it sped up our order.

Today I am feeling uncertain in regards to the weather. This morning I got absolutely battered by the rain on the way to playschool and back. I got in, soaked and turned the heating on. Bearing in mind it's late June. Then, I went to go and pick up from playschool a few hours later and hello sunshine. I had to put my shades on. I don't like being confused. Sort it out, nature!

Tonight I will mostly be crying watching "Born to be different", a programme about some children who were born with disabilities. And then I will be laughing at the programme that is on afterwards called "The sex researchers" which, I have to be honest, is probably the best thing I have ever seen on TV ever. Fact. If you don't believe me, watch it tonight. 10pm on Channel 4. Mindblowing.

But enough of that. My child is currently trashing the place and since I was so lazy yesterday I suppose I should do something useful at some point today.

Laters :)

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