Friday, 17 June 2011

Nice to see you, to see you nice

Well, this is me getting back into the blogging game after a year or so out. Feeling a bit like a baby horse, you know, when they're just born and the stumble about like they're on a night out in Newcastle. But I'm sure it won't take me long to re-adjust.

I suppose I should do all the basic yada-yada stuff. I'm Becki, 22 (argh, old) I am a single mum to my (almost) 3 year old daughter who, I am totally convinced, is clinically insane (see bottom photograph for conclusive evidence.) A fairly big chunk of my life could make for an interesting Eastenders storyline which I suppose isn't all that fun for me but it amuses others.

My love life, as a whole, has been, and probably always will be, a series of complete train wrecks. And I will never live down that my daughter's father left me for a man. Yes, ok, let's all get it out of our systems.... Finished? Ok. It's an unfortunate but true story that will forever haunt me. But it just adds to the implicit chaos that is my life. 

I am a LOVER of writing. That's right, a lover. If it were a person, I would seduce it and we would marry. Although it would probably leave me. Most likely for a man. But whatever. I have been writing since the dawn of time. Mainly stories. But I figured, hey, this is the Internet. I can blog on here about my most favourite subject. Me. So that is what I'm doing. 

Anyway. That is all for now but, as Arnie once said, I'll be back. Watch this space.

The crazy one <3


  1. Lol as boring as it sounds love, you sound normal:) We all have our cross to bear - but I admire your honesty. A wonderful trait to teach your child.

  2. Respect! Madame... For that, you get a follower here and on twitter as well.