Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Long time, no speak...

Hello all! Well, it's been quite a while since I graced this blog with my presence isn't it? Where to begin...

Well I have been deathly ill for a while. Ok, slight over exaggeration but it definitely felt like I was. I went to the doctor about my shoulder which has been agony for weeks. She told me I probably have a frozen shoulder. Fantastic. I'd been feeling sick for a week but I didn't mention it to her anyway. So the next day I went to Gay Pride in Liverpool with two of my friends. I have never seen so many transvestites in my life. Especially ones that have better legs than me. That night was when I thought I might be dying and I ended up laid in bed for the next couple of days until I managed to haul my ass out of it to get myself to the doctor. Again. I went out in my total scruffs, no make up, jogging bottoms tucked into Uggs. Not very sexy to say the least. I was seen by a new doctor. Dr Sillitoe (I did laugh) who was fairly young. I had to sit down and tell this young, new doctor about my bodily functions whilst looking like I'd crawled out from under a rock. He gave me some pills and I went back home to bed since I had to get up at stupid o clock to go and have my bloods taken the next day. I went in the next morning and the woman looked like she should be working in a tattoo parlour, not a doctors. She said to me "I'll go and find a smaller needle" which made me feel a little better. I'm fine with needles, not so much with blood though. But alas, she came back and told me she couldn't find one and so she'd have to use the big needle. Sob. It was fine though and I soldiered on.

On Wednesday, I went to Belfast to see some family. I had to get up at 4am which did not please me as I am NOT a morning person at the best of times, especially not when feeling like death. The plane journey was short but bumpy, like riding a bucking bronco because it was one of those propellor planes and there was cloud after cloud after cloud. We were staying in a nice apartment right in the middle of the city and we did a few things, shopping, museum wandering etc. The first day I got an ominous voicemail from the doctors asking me to call them urgently. Thankfully I am fairly cool-headed and didn't panic (joke, I was panicking like a panicky thing on panic pills) but he just wanted to tell me I need to go and get my blood done again and that I had, and I quote, a "deranged liver function." Anyway, I started feeling a little better as the days went on and I actually started eating again which I thought I would never do. Last night we went out for my dad's birthday to a nice Italian restaurant and then went back to the apartment to have a nose at the concert that was going on across the road. None other than 30 Seconds to Mars and my future husband Jared Leto. That was our last night and we flew home today. No clouds so it was fairly nice. Stepped off the plane and it was actually warm. Belfast isn't exactly reknowned for its hot weather so it was nice to be back in sunny England.

On a sadder note, our cat Peppy died today. My grandma was keeping an eye on her while we were away and she called while we were still in Belfast to say Peppy wasn't well and by the time we had got back home, she called to say she had died. It was then that I really realised that I have a strange way of dealing with death. My sisters were in tears, so was my mum who didn't even like the cat. I had her growing up, she was 16 and we had her from a little kitten, when she was a little grey furball. I did feel a bit sad when I heard she had died, poor thing. But I didn't cry. I was surprised she lasted as long as she did. She was deaf, blind in one eye, not to mention ancient. And she died curled up on my grandad's knee rather than being put down by some strange vet. Feels a bit weird that I won't see her parading around my mum's house anymore but I suppose when it's our time, it's our time. So RIP Peppy. Hope you enjoy playing with the other crazy kitties up in kittycat heaven.

Anyway, I'm now back in my own house and my own bed now. I have so much tidying up to do. I was far too ill to tidy up the place before I went away and a week later I've come back to a pigsty. But of course, I will put it off again until tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting back into my story again too. Had a writing itch all week.

I shall say ta-ta for now though.

Night :)

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